Very Professional

Please accept my thanks for your professional acumen, your zeal, ethics and compassion. I want to acknowledge the industry of your staff in [my wife’s] case management. I wish you and yours a safe and pleasant summer. Thank you again, David, Jennifer and staff, for your hard work on my case.

-R.L. and B.L.

Thank You For Your Kindness

Just a note of thanks for your kindness to me during my lawsuit. Your knowledge of the law and your integrity are second to none. Your staff is so professional that I enjoyed our interaction.


Forever Grateful

Thank you so much! You’re a gifted lawyer. You were so nonjudgmental and explained everything. You gave me such good peace of mind. Not only this time, but your help with [my son] and his case, as well as [my other son] and his plundering! We have a way to go as we have another 12-year-old son. I will never lose your card and have your phone numbers programmed into the phone. Very grateful you’re out there!


Very Grateful

Thank you so much for meeting with me today to discuss my situation. I really appreciate it and hope that one day I can return the favor. It is so kind of you to help me with this since it is not the sort of case you would typically handle. Thank you again!


Very Professional & Considerate

Once again, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in working toward a mutually satisfactory agreement for our son. It is our hope that [our son] will take this opportunity to make his amends and move onto better things in his life. Your professional and considerate manner in this situation was a welcome change for us. After [our son’s] previous counsel left us to believe that all “lawyer jokes” were truly based in fact, it was nice to have phone calls returned and to feel confident that you were being upfront and honest with us. I hope you continue to practice your profession with the same considerate and professional demeanor that you have displayed with us. Again, thank you for your efforts on [our son’s] behalf.

-M.P. and B.P.

Very Caring

I realize this is random, but on a Sunday afternoon. But I wanted to take time again to say thank you to you for taking such a special interest in [my husband] and his case – and really caring. [My husband’s] life has been full of public defenders who could have cared less about him – you shocked him. Thank you so much.


Thank You So Much!

Just a note thanking you for all your help in getting my son’s case resolved in such an unexpected manner. I was really thrilled when he called to tell me the good news. Now he will be able to come home a lot more often — especially on holidays. I can’t wait for him to make his first trip home.


Thank You For Everything

Thanks, David, for your service and all you have done for us. Please keep in touch with me. Thank you for everything.


Very Understanding & Professional

Thank you very much for your time and consideration during our meeting. We certainly felt a lot more confidence in your understanding and professionalism after meeting you than we ever felt after discussions with [our son’s] previous counsel. We appreciate your concern and hope that with your help, [our son] can get his legal issues resolved with the hopes that he can somehow have a decent future. [Our son] is currently involved in a drug treatment program and for the first time in a long time, he is excited and resolved to find a resolution to his drug dependency. Again, thank you for your consideration. Since you are a parent, you must know our desperation to find hope for our son’s future.

-M.P. and B.P

Highly Recommend

Thank you isn’t enough to express my gratitude for you helping me. I never intended for you to work things out like you did. Thank you, thank you! I will contact you if I ever need your help again.I appreciate all you have done for me and my sanity. Again, thank you.