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Louisville wrongful death attorneys fight for grieving families

The sudden loss of a family member can be both emotionally and financially devastating.  When the death was entirely unnecessary and preventable, you have every right to demand justice. The Schuler Law Office represents families in wrongful death actions to provide some measure of justice and deliver much needed financial security. Although we understand that no amount of money can ever truly compensate, a civil verdict or settlement is the only way to hold wrongdoers accountable when there are no grounds for criminal prosecution. If you have lost a loved one in Louisville or the vicinity due to some person’s negligence, recklessness or deliberate illegal behavior, you can trust us to fight to deliver the best results possible.

What constitutes wrongful death in Kentucky?

A wrongful death case depends on proof that a defendant acting in a manner that was careless, reckless or deliberate caused the death of another person. Wrongful death cases arise from:

  • Motor vehicle crashes — Auto accidents kill more than 35,000 Americans every year.
  • Medical malpractice — Studies have shown that medical and surgical errors are the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.
  • Premises liability — Slip and fall accidents, falls from a height, or falling objects cause hundreds of deaths annually.
  • Products liability — Unsafe products, ranging from prescription medications to auto parts, cause a variety of fatal illnesses and injuries.
  • Assault — A deliberate physical attack that results in death is grounds for criminal prosecution but also exposes the attacker to civil liability for the victim’s death.

When a wrongful death has occurred, a representative of the estate can file a civil lawsuit to recover damages for the estate and for surviving family members. However, the Kentucky statute of limitations requires the action to be filed within one year of the date of death. Our attorneys provide a free evaluation of your case and no-cost advice on how to proceed.

Damages available in a wrongful death lawsuit in Kentucky

There are basically two categories of damages in a wrongful death lawsuit:

  • Estate losses — The decedent’s estate can recover for funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses stemming from the injury event until the decedent’s death, and the costs of pursuing the wrongful death claim.
  • Surviving family members’ losses — Compensation can be for economic losses, such as the financial support the decedent provided, and noneconomic losses, such as care, companionship, and guidance.

In rare cases of gross negligence or deliberately harmful behavior, a defendant might also be liable for punitive damages. These are meant to punish the defendant rather than to compensate the family and to discourage others from engaging in similar behavior.

When you entrust your wrongful death case to our Louisville law firm, we are determined to pursue your case aggressively to hold the defendant fully accountable.

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