Immediately after suffering a car accident in Louisville, Kentucky; you will need to seek the help of an experienced auto accident attorneywho can help protect your rights. With knowledge and experience necessary to help the injured, we at Schuler Law Office can provide answers to questions you have regarding your auto accidents and a claim.

Under Kentucky law, you must report an auto accident if anyone has been injured or killed or if the property damage is more than $500. Your insurer should also be notified immediately. They will investigate the incident before any physical evidence is lost and/or destroyed.

Should I Go to the Doctor Following My Accident?

If you suspect that you may be injured as a result of the auto accident, seek medical attention immediately. This guarantees a medical record that can be used for evidence and also prevents your injuries from becoming life-threatening due to lack of proper medical care.

Who is at Fault for My Accident?

Ultimately, a judge and/or jury must decide this. Fault is due to recklessness or negligence that causes the accident. One driver can have all of the responsibility or two or more drivers may share the blame associated with what caused an auto accident. The determination of this fault usually comes down to which auto accident attorney in Kentucky presents the best case.

When Should I Consider Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney in Louisville?

Schuler Law Office provides thorough legal representation for individuals in and around Louisville, Kentucky. As soon as you realize you’re injured or have suffered property damage as a result of an accident, it’s time to hire a professional auto accident attorney that can help protect your rights. 

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