Experienced lawyers in Louisville provide advice to injured in a car crash in Kentucky

Many victims of auto accidents wonder at what point they should contact an attorney — or whether they should contact an attorney at all. At the Schuler Law Office in Louisville, we suggest you have nothing to lose and much to gain by calling us immediately. Initial consultations are free, and you can learn a great deal from consulting an experienced lawyer. If yours is an injury case that requires legal representation, you definitely want to be careful to retain the right lawyer, right away. Qualities to look for in an auto accident attorney include:

  • Focus — The attorney you choose should devote a large part of his or her practice to personal injury law and motor vehicle accident cases.
  • Experience — Your attorney should have actual trial experience and experience with your type of accident and your type of injuries.
  • Reputation — Your attorney should be trustworthy and respected by the court and colleagues at law.
  • Negotiation skills —Your attorney should have specific experience in high-value negotiations with insurance companies.
  • Knowledge — Your attorney must have a deep knowledge of substantive law and court procedure.

When you retain one of our personal injury lawyers, you get all of the above plus our determination to aggressively pursue the maximum compensation possible.

Important steps to take after a Louisville car accident

Exactly what you should do in the wake of an auto accident depends on the severity of the crash, where the crash occurs, and various other circumstances. Keeping in mind that your first duty is to secure your safety and that of your passengers, you should:

  • Get your car out of traffic — If your car can be moved, get to a safe spot on the side of the road. If your car cannot move, you must take steps to make it visible to oncoming traffic and divert traffic around it. You must also consider whether it is safer to stay in your car or cross the road on foot to a secure place.
  • Administer first aid as needed — You must tend to your own injuries and those of your passengers, keeping in mind that moving an injured party can worsen their injuries.
  • Call 911 — Whenever there is an injury or substantial property damage, you want to alert the police and request an ambulance.
  • Exchange information with the driver of the other vehicle — Make sure to stay calm as you exchange insurance information, vehicle registration, name, address, and phone number with the other driver. If you suspect that driver may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, return to your car and wait for the police to arrive, but jot down any identifying information you can see for the vehicle.
  • Give reasonable assistance to the other car as needed — The law requires you to render assistance to anyone with a life-threatening injury unless it is unreasonably dangerous to do so.
  • Take photos of the damage — Use your cellphone to collect images of the crash scene, property damage, and physical injuries.
  • Get contact information from potential witnesses — If someone stops to assist, ask them if they saw what happened and request a business card or contact information.
  • Seek medical treatment — Even if you’re not sure you’ve been hurt, let a qualified physician check you out. This also creates a record, so the defendant cannot claim a subsequent event caused your injuries.

Finally, it’s important to call a reputable attorney as quickly as possible. Delay can be costly: physical evidence can be destroyed, and witnesses start to forget. Don’t wait to see what the insurance company offers; it will always be too low, and it’s not going to increase until you demonstrate you’re ready to fight. The best way to send an aggressive signal is to retain an experienced accident attorney with a proven track record of results.

Consult a determined auto accident attorney in Louisville, Kentucky

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident in Louisville or the surrounding area, contact the Schuler Law Office immediately. We provide experienced and effective legal representation throughout Kentucky and Indiana. We charge no attorney fees until you recover through a settlement or verdict. 

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