Like other drivers in Kentucky, bus drivers have responsibilities when they’re behind the wheel. While they face more challenges because of the size of their vehicle, they also require a license to operate them. A bus license proves that the individual can operate these vehicles safely. Also, because buses typically don’t have seatbelts, other safety issues arise too. If you’ve been involved in a bus accident and have suffered injuries, you are entitled to compensation.

Who Can Help Me Recover Losses from Bus Accidents?

Schuler Law Office has experience with fighting for victim’s rights who have been in bus accidents. They fight for the compensation that each client deserves. Most buses are owned by government entities or companies, which involve some protection, so hiring a professional bus accident attorney in Louisville is important. They know what route to take in order to get you the successful settlement you desire. Oftentimes, you will be approached with a settlement after a bus accident. It’s important to hire a legal professional who can look into the details of the expenses you have to determine if you’re being offered fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries.

Ultimately, the average person isn’t prepared when they’re offered with compensation like this. That’s why it’s important to carefully review and analyze a compensation package with an experienced lawyer before signing anything. They can cover you and represent you in terms of negotiation. Instead of hoping that you’re making the right choice, make sure by hiring the services of a bus accident lawyer. Kentucky statute of limitations requires filing a lawsuit no later than two years following the date of the injury, so hiring a lawyer should be something done immediately after your accident.

Focus on your injuries and allow a professional to represent you to bus companies, insurance companies, and other attorneys. During an initial consultation, we will discuss all details of your case and determine whether or not we believe we can assist you with your case. 

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