While train accidents aren’t as common as car wrecks, when they occur, they can lead to catastrophic injuries or even death. The weight, speed, and force of a train accident means that the impact is exponentially larger than a motor vehicle. Whether because of equipment malfunction, defective railroad crossing, or just individuals playing on the tracks; if someone is injured in train accidents they deserve compensation.

Whether you are injured at a railroad crossing or while you’re riding on a train, you’re eligible for compensation. Our team of Louisville train accident lawyers can investigate the cause of your accident and decide who is liable for the injuries. With years of experiences, we at Schuler Law Office are experienced in working on cases similar to yours. We have obtained millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients.

What Are Some Causes of Train Accidents?

Oftentimes, train accidents in Louisville involve either collisions or derailments, but there are other reasons these accidents can happen too. Our Kentucky train accident attorneys have knowledge of the regulations required by the state to ensure train crossings are safe. Inattentive train operation, defectively designed crossings, improper speed when approaching a crossing, inadequate signal, or insufficient warnings are all causes of train accidents.

The grounds for pursuing an injury claim depends on the type of collision and the identity of the victim themselves. Anyone who works on a railroad or a train knows that working on it is dangerous. If you’ve been injured while working, you can file for compensation with the Federal Employer’s Liability Act, which protects railroad employees working in hazard work environments.

Allow a Train Lawyer in Louisville to Handle the Specifics of Your Case.

Our train accident lawyers in Louisville have the resources needed to investigate accidents of this kind and to determine if the train/railroad company is negligent in some way causing the accident. If they are, you are eligible to receive compensation. 

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