Common car wreck injuries explained

Common injuries from automobile accidents vary from minor scratches and cuts to serious brain injuries. The effects of these car injuries range from minor inconveniences to major changes in a victim’s overall well-being and loss of financial security.

Whiplash, the most common auto accident injury in a rear-end car crash, is caused by the force of the vehicle coming to an abrupt stop. Upon impact, the vehicle stops but the accident victim continues to move inside the car with a force equal to the speed at which the car was traveling. The pain and restricted movement is caused by the damage to the soft tissue in the neck and is usually treated with medication and rest.

Brain and spinal injuries can occur as the result of an automobile accident injury and may cause paralysis or death. Traumatic brain injury, (TBI) occurs when an outside force impacts the brain. Symptoms of TBI include dizziness, headaches, amnesia, depression, and anxiety and may be temporary or permanent. Spinal cord injuries often leave a patient partially or completely paralyzed. Back injuries are also common and usually involve discs — the cushion between each vertebra along the spine — and can occur anywhere from the cervical region down to the coccyx. Treatment for back and spinal injuries usually involves surgery followed by extended periods of rehabilitation and therapy.

Victims of car accidents may sustain internal organ injury and broken bones. The internal organs most commonly affected in automobile accidents are the spleen, kidneys, and lungs. Punctured lungs frequently occur in conjunction with cracked ribs. Upper and lower limb fractures are also common car accident injuries. After broken bones are set and cast, the patient can expect an extended period of limited mobility.

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