An injury settlement lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky is responsible for representing clients during settlements as a part of a lawsuit. There are many laws associated with settlements and a qualified legal professional will understand the law and know how to uphold it as needed. Schuler Law Office has years of experience working with injury settlements and can protect your rights during a tragic time. For individuals with debt that they owe to others, their settlement may be claimed by another company they owe money to. Our professionals can help sort out all of this.

Understanding Injury Settlements

A lien is a court order against an individual’s property. In personal injury lawsuits, the personal property may end up being the plaintiff’s compensation. This lien is placed when the individual or a company proves that there is debt owed to them and the compensation would pay that debt. To have a lien placed against a personal injury settlement in Louisville, a company must file a lawsuit in court according to the statute of limitations that attribute to their lawsuit.

If you have a pending lawsuit, there are many parties who may file suit to take a portion of a settlement including physicians or healthcare providers, health insurance companies including Medicare or automobile insurance carriers. These may be because of costs that you have accrued since your injury or past debt.

These liens are quite common due to the rising cost of medical expenses. With the help of an injury settlement lawyer from Schuler Law Office, we can negotiate with these providers to lower your settlement value to help preserve your compensation for your injury.

How Do I Contact an Injury Settlement Lawyer in My Area?

When you’ve been injured in an accident, contact us for a consultation where we can discuss your case and determine whether or not you have a viable lawsuit. We are always here to advocate for your rights to proper compensation. 

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