Seriously bodily harm is a term used in criminal cases to distinguish between different types of harm. It can result from either intentional or unintentional acts. Also referred to as serious bodily injury, Kentucky defines it as any injury that interferes with someone’s health or comfort and is long-lasting.

What Are Some Examples of Serious Bodily Injury?

Some common examples of serious bodily harm include:

  • Loss of limb or functioning in limb
  • Broken bones
  • Paralysis
  • Serious cuts/burns
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement

This is oftentimes connected to cases with battery, robbery, assault, or recklessness via car accidents. It can significantly change the outcome of a case. For instance, it can change a usual misdemeanor crime into a more elevated felony one. This can equate to large fines and over one year in prison.

Kentucky state law follows a comparative fault basis. This means that in a court case or for insurance claims, each individual may be at fault for injuries. A percentage of the fault is given to each individual where they receive the portion of the other of their total damages as a result of the injury. Kentucky law requires that courts apply comparative fault when a lawsuit is being heard in court and the injured person shares some of the blame.

When Should I Hire a Serious Bodily Injury Lawyer in Louisville?

Any crime that involves serious bodily harm or serious bodily injury is prosecuted strictly in Kentucky. When you need assistance with a criminal case, it’s wise to hire a qualified and experienced lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky. They have the knowledge to share with you about the process and also will act in your best interest throughout the entire process. We represent you and protect your rights at all times.

We will discuss your case with you, and determine whether or not we feel confident taking it on. We also can answer any questions you may have. Schuler Law Office is ready and willing to represent anyone facing charges or who may have been injured due to serious bodily injury in or around Louisville.

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