Property owners have the obligation to make sure that their property is safe and maintained. Schuler Law Office has experience in representing clients in cases ranging from slip or trip and fall injuries. A slip and fall injury is a common thing with many claims made annually. Many victims suffer life-altering and serious injuries that can even result in death. Unlit stairwells, construction site defects, or wet floors can have life-changing results. A Kentucky slip and fall attorney can decide whether you are owed damages for the negligence of a business or property owner.

What Types of Slip and Fall Accidents Are There?

There many types of accidents including stairway accidents, parking ramp falls, slippery surface falls, sidewall falls, fall down stairs, fall on ice/snow, bathtub/shower falls, or falls from balconies, just to name a few. A property owner has the obligation to keep their property safe for those invited on the property. If it can be proven that said property owner was negligent and knew about the dangerous/defective condition, then they are responsible for the damages that resulted from it.

A slip and fall personal injury attorney in Kentucky can help you to understand the law surrounding slip and fall injuries. The statute of limitations gives you one year from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit regarding a slip and fall injury. A lawyer has to determine negligence and also research if there were previous complaints about a hazard when investigating your particular case.

How Is Compensation Determined in Slip and Fall Accidents?

In slip and fall cases in Kentucky, first the total amount of the damages is calculated. Next, the share of each party’s fault is determined by a percentage. Next, the court awards the damages by the percentages set forth. Ultimately, every slip and fall accident in Kentucky is unique, so hiring an experienced slip and fall attorney is important. 

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