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Automobile Accident Litigation — Common Misconceptions

Automobile Accident Litigation in Kentucky

Common misconceptions about filing a car accident lawsuit

• Misconception #1: “I don’t need a lawyer to settle my auto accident lawsuit.”

Each auto accident involves a unique set of complex conditions and variables. It is unlikely that you will receive the right compensation if you are unfamiliar with auto accident lawsuits and the laws of the state in which you were injured.

• Misconception #2: I can’t afford an attorney.”

Insurance companies often offer less compensation to auto accident victims who either represent themselves or who are represented by an inexperienced lawyer. Your lawyer’s fee is contingent upon the success of your lawsuit and based on a percentage of your settlement’s value.

• Misconception #3: “The car accident was not my fault so the at-fault party’s insurance company must compensate me for all of my losses.”

One of the most important aspects of a Kentucky auto accident lawsuit is the establishment of liability or fault. You do not have a case unless fault can be established and negligence can be proven. Fault is often difficult to determine and the specifics of each accident must be considered against the laws of the state in which the accident occurred.

• Misconception #4: “I won’t be able to pursue an automobile accident lawsuit because of a pre-existing condition.”

If you have documentation that shows that a pre-existing condition was worsened by an accident, an accomplished car accident lawyer can defend your legal rights in a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced Kentucky car accident attorney is prepared to challenge auto insurance lawyers and litigate your case in court.

• Misconception #5: “All I have to worry about is paying my medical bills and getting the car fixed or replaced.”

If you are injured and are unable to work, you must still pay your bills. How will you afford your bills when faced with the loss of income? An experienced Kentucky auto accident attorney will address all of your damages including loss of income and pain and suffering to assure that you receive comprehensive compensation for your personal injury.

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